TED Talk: Be Original

Be original. Be unique. Be fresh. Be different.

These are all things we strive to do in our campaigns. We spend weeks, months and even years developing strategies and ideas all in the hopes of differentiating our clients from their competition—of showing our clients that we offer them something different than anyone else can.

In his TEDTalk, Shimpei Takahashi proposes that we take time to step away from the traditional formulas for coming up with “data-proven” ideas, and create our own methods. While no new products or campaign strategies may in themselves come from these “games,” they take use out of our heads for a little while and encourage us to see things from a different perspective, one that isn’t consumed with the project and how to be cutting-edge. Takahashi makes the great assessment that in this time of brainstorming and developing, “Ridiculous ideas are okay. The key is to keep them flowing.” When we’re in the mindset of constantly creating new ideas, we are bound to eventually think of one that is exactly what we’re looking for.

So, next time you’re stumped, take a minute and let your mind run free… and see where it takes you.