Our Services
Ready to start a project? Whether you’re looking for branding, web design, copywriting or all of the above, HGD is your one-stop graphic design shop! We can help you with one component of a project (such as designing a brochure) or work with you every step of the way from initial concept to product launch. Whatever you’re planning, we have you covered. Check out a more detailed description of Our Services below.

Our main service involves developing the look and feel of an idea or concept. Sounds simple, but it’s a broad term that encompasses many elements — most of our other services are integrated at some point in the design process. Well-executed design is essential to capturing the attention of your target audience. Our expertise lies in determining the best solution to help differentiate you from the competition.

How do customers feel about your brand? Or more importantly, how do you want them to feel? Every way they experience your brand – from ads they see to a logo on a t-shirt they might wear – all contribute to how customers perceive and relate to your company. We work hard to help you maintain a consistent image of your brand across all mediums.

  • Branding: Creating an identity for your company/product/service
  • Rebranding: Considering your brand equity and refining what you have or starting over
  • Brand Refresh: Taking your brand to the next level or making it more cohesive

From food packaging to perfume labels, our experience in packaging varies widely. We work consistently with die vendors and package engineers, and are familiar with requirements for specialty materials and formats. Combined with our extensive research process and creative capabilities, we confidently add life to your product on the shelf – retail or wholesale.

A great photo requires more than a snap of the shutter.

  • Contracted Photographers: HGD takes on the roll of Art Director by working closely with outside photographers to compose photos that capture the spirit of your product or evoke a desired mood.
  • Photo Styling: Generally we do our own photo styling, but in some cases (for instance food photography) we may hire an outside stylist for additional assistance.
  • In-House Photography: We create lots of images in-house. Check out Fabulous Frannie or Rugged Riley to see some of our work.
  • Retouching: HGD also provides in-house digital photo retouching services to transform any photo into the perfect shot.
  • Stock Photography: Looking for the perfect image, but photography isn’t in your budget? We can help you select and purchase stock photography that perfectly personifies your brand.

Your website is your face to the outside world. HGD works to bring form and function together to create a site that extends your brand online. We can help you take advantage of everything the interactive realm has to offer, whether it’s an extension of your company or your main port for business. HGD has the capability of creating your site in-house, or partnering with outside programmers and developers. We can also link and design your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Mailchimp, to ensure all platforms are integrated seamlessly and visually cohesive.

Many of our clients have marketing departments to help develop written content that presents their brand in a clear and concise manner, but not always. Some clients need help with editing, while others need us to create the content from scratch. Descriptive, informative and creative text are an integral part of the marketing process. We write headlines, descriptors, ad copy and label text — almost all types of copy can be completed by our skilled staff.

We see advertising as part of the whole package of services that we can provide your company. HGD has plenty of experience in this field, and can use this vast knowledge to assist you in your advertising needs.

We can work with you to create promotional items, stuff for kids, gift items, holiday products, handbags or apparel. HGD has a network of experienced vendors who assist us in the development of these unique designs and ideas. We design your products to sell, and can assist you in bringing them to market.

Our Process

  • Initial Conversation (over the phone or in person)
  • Questions & Answers (it’s all about clarity)
  • Meeting (if a face-to-face is needed)
  • Estimating Costs
  • Approving Budget
  • Show & Tell (mood boards to see if we understand your objective)
  • Refining (honing in on the details with precision)

It’s helpful to start a project by meeting with clients in person… but in this day and age, we realize how busy you are, so many of our projects start with a simple phone conversation. We generally provide an estimate within a week’s time. We then proceed to research your market and work on generating more specific ideas. Once we capture the essence of your goals, we assess the situation and create mood boards (budget permitting) of an overall look and feel of where we’d like to go. Sometimes the look might need to be refined… but we won’t start designing until everything is clear.

Depending on your schedule and preference, we can submit stages of the project for your review as we go or formulate multiple solutions for you to choose from. We then create a presentation for your review.

As the project evolves, we find that digital correspondence is a very efficient means of communication. Since our work is visual, emails and file transfers allow us to literally show you the work while it’s in progress! This of course goes hand-in-hand with scheduled meetings and/or open phone conversations, as we are very accessible and receptive to your individual needs and preferences. From facilitating photo shoots to finding packaging and printing vendors, we will either provide or coordinate all of the services you need for your project and follow it through to completion.