World Nativ

A logo and complete brand identity on a budget! Working with World Nativ was a fantastic opportunity to help establish a brand from the ground-up. Since we started with the client from the inception, we also needed to select stock imagery that portrayed the brand they were aiming to build. It was great getting to help the client build an identity from scratch.

World Nativ is an evolving concept. The initial idea was to create a center in downtown Encinitas that would attract conscious, globally minded folks who were interested in learning and sharing about topics such as yoga, eco-travel, farm-to-table nutrition and creative expression.

One of the main draws would be small workshops hosted by those living out these concepts.

Although the centered never materialized, the concept is still alive. The social media platform we established is doing well, and the events are happening and filling to capacity. It was great working with a grassroots group with such a passion for what they do; we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Our Role: Logo, brand identity, photography selection, web design, social media visuals and marketing materials.