Fabulous Frannie

Taking the client to the next level! What do you get when you take a successful start-up with a few years under its belt, a trusting client with a clear vision, and a synced creative team to put it all together? One of our most exciting and expansive projects to date.

The HGD team has worked tirelessly, alongside the client, on every facet of this project. Together, we took an already successful company to the next level by creating a more polished and cohesive look for all aspects of this brand, from packaging and print materials to website design and social media presence. Our team handles all the content, design and production for print, web and social media for this client.

Along the way, we have developed marketing plans, written and edited copy, shot photos, designed collateral, and implemented it all. The result has been exponential growth and profits for the client, not to mention a much more engaged customer base.

Our Role: Logo refresh, website overhaul, complete blog content and design development, huge photo library shot in-house, collateral and marketing materials (includes Catalogs, Sell Sheets, Brochures, and Promos), Facebook, Pinterest, and our piece de resistance “Fabulous Frannie’s Guide to Essential Oils.”