A Diamond Celebration

Let’s start from scratch! Every once in a while you get a client with a start-up who you just know will be a success… This was the case with A Diamond Celebration. The client had worked successfully as an event coordinator and was ready to breakout on her own. She wanted to put her best foot forward and needed her website and collateral to show this confidence, as well as the elegance that she hoped to achieve with her events. HGD worked with her and her photographers to get images that evoked these concepts, which helped guide the design process.

In the end, we provided her with all the tools she needed to properly present her business to potential clients. It was a refreshing experience working with a client who had a clear vision for what they wanted, but was open to our guidance along the way. It’s been a great pleasure to see her business grow in new and exciting ways.

Our Role: Branding, website and collateral (includes brochure and stationary).