Del Mar Village Association

Giving an organization a uniform identity. When we began with the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA) various volunteers were creating the event materials, so there wasn’t a cohesive brand identity in place—which is crucial to the perception of any organization. The DMVA wanted their collateral to convey to the community that they were a reliable organization, devoted to the community’s best interest; and that’s where we came in. Using their existing logo, HGD created a fresh brand identity that conjured positive emotions.

We designed all the collateral, promotional items and banners, as well as recommending photographers who could capture the essence of their brand (so important!). We were also responsible for designing the Historical Society’s web page (a section of the DMVA) that was used at the time and we created a whole line of products that they cold use to bring in revenue for the organization.

Our Role: Logos and collateral for special events, promotional items, banners, photography consultation and web design.

Photo: Aquario Studio and Sean Capshaw