TED Talk: What’s your TRUE calling?

Plagued by the curse of having too many interests? Do you love to paint, write, do math, research….. and a multitude of other tasks?

In her TED Talk, Emilie Wapnick discusses what happens when you feel like you don’t have just one TRUE calling. But what happens if you don’t have to choose? Wapnick encourages us to think about all that we can be, incorporating all of our interests, rather than trying to simply think of one thing to be. Allowing ourselves to be these complex people makes us not only happier personally, but improves our quality of work. Can you imagine how much more dynamic (and happier) our world would be if we lived like this?

As far as product and product development goes, this means that you can develop products and services that fall into a wide range, but must still align with your brand. For example, if you sell organic fruits and vegetables, it would make sense to also offer health-conscious cooking classes or meal delivery. It would not, however, make the most sense to suddenly sell children’s clothing. While it’s great to diversify yourself and your brand, it must stay true to your intent—otherwise, it may be time for an entirely new brand, or at least some extensive rebranding.